CD Duplication

Short Run CD Duplication Express Service.

CD duplication is the way to go when you need a small quantity in a short time frame. We offer a wide variety of packages that will meet your requirements. Whether you need a hundred, or even a thousand, Masar Productions can achieve quick turnaround times without sacrificing the quality we are known for.

To get start with your duplication, follow the instructions bellow. If you have any questions you want to ask before working with us, please call/email us here with your inquiry. We're standing by to answer any questions you might have.

Just choose a duplication package, make a purchase and our specialist will contact you. You can also go ahead and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the followings: Artwork, CD Master, Name and Address, Contacts (phone number, e-mail).

CD Duplication orders are typically completed within 5 business days from art approval.

Need a Custom Design? Masar Productions offers professional CD Design services. You can find out more about HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to download our templates which can be opened in any graphics program. Make sure all your photos are at least 300dpi. Follow the instructions on templates regarding bleed and color mode, or if you find this to be overwhelming, our in-house graphic designers are more than willing to help you out.

Yes. Just give us a call or email us before placing your order and we’ll estimate your international shipping charges.

We do not return any artwork files or masters unless we agree otherwise before starting your job. It is advisable that you keep originals or copies of everything you send us.

  • Option 1: Upload your files

You can upload your files to us digitally when you place your order. Your files should be .wav, .aif or .aiff at 44.1kHz and 16 bit. MP3s are not recommended, but we will accept them.

  • Option 2: Send us an audio CD

You can also send us your duplication ready audio CD. We will duplicate exactly what you give us, so make sure you're satisfied with what you send. If you are interested in using our professional mastering service to get the best possible sound quality for your master, we'd be happy to help you.

Mastering is the process of preparing your audio content for duplication or digital download. It’s the last stage, the icing on the cake and the final word on how your project will sound. Proper mastering can give your content a cohesive feel and “gloss” that is a signature of higher quality commercial releases. Mastering includes the following but may not be necessary for all content:

• Adjusting volumes from track to track for an even sounding master
• Achieve maximum loudness (if so desired)
• Change song / track order
• Apply dynamic range compression and or limiting to control and “glue” the tracks together
• Apply tonal adjustment and equalization for correction and to get your audio to “shine”
• Clean up unwanted noise, clicks and pops using noise reduction and fading techniques
• Adjusting stereo width using phase techniques to make your audio sound wider
• Basic editing and rearrangement. For example; shorten a song for a radio edit

When supplying a file for print to Masar Tv, it MUST be supplied as a Print-Ready PDF. Please ensure that colours are CMYK & PMS colours where required. RGB Colour must be converted to CMYK. (RGB colour is not suitable for printing). Your document size must be the finished size plus 2mm bleed on all edges. Resolution should be 300dpi. We do not accept files such as Microsoft Word (.doc /.docx), Publisher (.pub) or PowerPoint (.ppt).

This is one of the most common questions we answer at Masar TV. Bleed is a specific area (usually 2mm) added to each outside edge of a page as an aid for the finisher to be able to trim the final document correctly. Any element (photo, colour etc.) that comes to the edge of your page must overlap the edge by at least 2mm. Using Bleed ensures a professional finish to your job.

Please create all graphics in CMYK format. 300dpi is recommended. Remember to remove the template and guides (In Photoshop: turn off layer) before flattening and uploading your artwork.


CD Disc Printcdprint
Download Template


2 Panel Insert2panelinsert
Download Template

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CD Duplication | Slim Jewel Case

Starting at $2.99 per CD
Slim jewel case w/ black tray + cd + front/back insert
(No intellectual property right form requested)


  • Price per CD
  • Fast Delivery


  • Price per CD
  • Fast Delivery


  • Price per CD
  • Fast Delivery


  • Price per CD
  • Fast Delivery

CD duplication is the ideal solution when you need to order less than 2,000 CDs. Our express duplication service combines fast turnaround, great prices and professional quality. Call 917-932-5263 to speak with our specialist for more information.



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Every CD Duplication Order Includes:

      Full color CD face art printed direct on the disc

      Premium slim jewel case with black tray

      Double-sided case insert

      Complete assembly

      Full color art proofs

      Expedited schedules


Quick Delivery

CD duplication is the ideal solution when you need to order less than 2,000 CDs. Our express duplication service combines fast turnaround, great prices and professional quality.


cd duplication company new york

Quality control checks

Our CD duplication process begins with the printing of your artwork directly onto each disc. After the printing process is completed, each of your CDs are duplicated from your master. Quality control checks are then made to ensure the quality and integrity of each CD we duplicate..


FTP Upload

We offer an easy FTP File Upload site for your convenience. We can access your art files immediately once uploaded.

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