EPK (Electronic Press Kit) Design

Leave a great and lasting impression when contacting media outlets,

Press kit are important tools for any artist trying to make a first impression within the music industry. Typically press kits are a collection of promotional materials that can be mailed or emailed to create a good impression. Items such as cd covers, music videos, photos, bio, interviews, and so on constitute good press kit contents.

Remember, you are not the only artist out there looking for a record deal or to get booked for shows. The more professional your presentation the better chance you have to impress the record labels and promoters. Don't just submit a press kit, submit an experience.

To get start with your press kit design, follow the instructions bellow. If you have any questions you want to ask before working with us, please call/email us here with your inquiry. We're standing by to answer any questions you might have.

Just choose a package, make a purchase and one of our graphic designers will contact you immediately. The first step is to talk about your vision of the design concept. We’ll discuss basics to really get a feel of what you'd like to express through the press kit. No matter what is the style of its contents, Masar Tv will work with you to develop an expressive art concept for your press kit! If you don’t have any ideas, that’s okay we’ve got you covered, when you give our designers the most freedom, they often do their best work.

One we have discuss all the details go ahead and send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the followings: biography, discography, cd covers, photos, social networks links, music video links, music links, management contact, etc. Anything else you can think of.

We typically return a first design proof within 3-5 business days once your request is submitted and we have all of your materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

All images (photos, stock graphics, etc) should be supplied in high resolution (300DPI) and be as large visually as possible. Low resolution or low quality images are not suitable for printing and should be avoided at all cost. Printing low quality images will result in an unsatisfactory print that will not look professional or meet our high print quality standards.

We have hundreds of fonts! If you have a particular font in mind, chances are good that we have it, however there are fonts that we may not have. If you require a font that must be purchased, you must first purchase and supply the font for our use. Just check with your representative if you have any questions.

Be sure to supply us with any and all verbiage or written information that must be included in your design. This includes items such as band/album/movie names, titles, credits, track listings, recognitions, etc. If you have specific places on your design that you would like your information placed, just let us know and we will incorporate it accordingly.

In the world of professional musicians and filmmakers, image is everything. High quality promotional graphics and photos are a must when you want to look professional. If you do not currently have high resolution photos, we strongly recommend that a professional photographer or high end digital camera be used when taking photos intended for use in your CD or DVD design. Remember, the higher quality the image, the more professional looking your final result will be, and a professional image can lead to increased sales and recognition of your product.

We offer one free revision. If you don’t like your initial design, or would like to make any changes to your design just let us know and our team will take care of them right away.

CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) is a four-color process model, which is used for color printing. RGB (red, green, blue) is a color model that is used for displaying images on electronic systems, including computers and televisions. When implementing graphic design for print, all images and assets must be converted to CMYK color in order to print properly. This is done in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. When images are converted into CMYK color, they may not be as vivid and vibrant as they were displayed on the screen.



Press Kit Design | 4 panel

Starting at $199
Price do not include printing



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All our EPKs design includes:

      Custom Design

      Bleed Area

      CMYK Image

      Print-Ready PDF

      One Free Revision

      Fast Delivery



Quick Turnaround

Our graphic design service combines fast turn-around, great prices and professional quality.

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Quality control checks

Once your artwork is ready, and before emailing it to you, we'll always make sure that the following attributes has been assigned:

      300dpi resolution

      2mm bleed (5mm for booklets)

      Crop and bleed marks included

      Fonts outlined, text no smaller than 5pt

      All colours converted to CMYK



FTP Upload

We offer an easy FTP File Upload site for your convenience. Files can be accessed immediately once uploaded.

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