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Terris Anderson (Born May 5th,1979) better known as Hollywood Fergie a.k.a Messiah the Supplier, is an American born Rapper and Songwriter from Hartford, Connecticut and is well known for being Max B's right hand man and Underboss of the biggest movement to come out of the East Coast since G-Unit and Dip Set, the movement called "Coke Wave". The original members being Max B, French Montana, Hollywood Fergie and Multi- Platinum Producer Dame Grease.

Once a popular Hustler from the City of Hartford,(the Murder Capital of Connecticut) Hollywood Fergie who then went by the name of Messiah the Supplier, envisioned he could take his popularity to the Rap Game which he felt was ironically similar to the game he had already become successful in. He also knew that due to his lifestyle, it would only be two possible outcomes, death or prison. He started investing the money he was making from the streets into a career for himself in the music industry. He first started by becoming a Promoter, booking the hottest Rappers and DJs and throwing parties at all the Night Clubs in Connecticut and the surrounding New England area. Doing this helped Messiah build connections in the music industry and with countless Promoters and Nightclub owners in New England, who had a high respect for Messiah due to his young age and the way he handled business.

In 2006, Messiah's hard work and respected name would pay off for him when he was approached by a Jewish Millionaire by the name of Michael Goldberg who shared the same vision as Messiah's, the vision of getting into the Music Industry. He offered Messiah the chance to focus on making music and getting a Record deal. Unbeknownst to Messiah, Goldberg was running a 100 Million Dollar Ponzi Scheme and was looking for a way to use some of those millions that he had robbed from investors to buy his way into the Music Industry, using Messiah as his Artist. He figured if he invested enough money into Messiah, Messiah would get a Record Deal and he would come along for the ride as Messiah's Manager.

Goldberg had no previous experience at all when it came to the Music Business, so it was all up to Messiah to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Within 1 year, Messiah was able to go from a local Rap celebrity in Connecticut, to a household name all throughout the entire East Coast and beyond. When asked how he did it, he states "I used to watch and study this Documentary named "Welcome to Death Row" which basically explains the formula Suge Knight used to create Death Row Records. I grew up a fan of Death Row's music and was infatuated with the story how it all started. I must have watched that Documentary at least 40 times. I credit that documentary for giving me the vision which in turn created the whole Coke Wave Movement." The key people/pieces of the puzzle that created Death Row Records were Harry "O", a former drug trafficker who invested over a million dollars into Death Row.

Dr. Dre, a Multi-Platinum producer who's sound gave birth to Gangsta Rap. Snoop Doggy Dog who brought a new original style to the Rap game and Suge Knight, a smart business man who had the vision to connect all the dots. So Messiah took that Blue Print and followed it to a tee. Michael Goldberg would be his Harry "O", Dame Grease, a Multi-Platinum producer out of Harlem,NY. Would be his Dr. Dre. Messiah himself would play the role of Suge Knight/Rapper and he decided to reach out to upcoming Rapper Max B, also out of Harlem,NY., to play the role of Snoop Dog, also with the hopes that Max would help him craft his style which at the time Messiah felt needed improvement. Max B had just been released from prison on a 1.5 million dollar bond and wasn't even home a week before Messiah hunted him down. When the two met they instantly clicked and soon became like brothers. The first song they recorded together was "Connecticut Kush" which blew up in the mixtape circuit and the video gained over a million hits on YouTube. Proud that a well-known Rapper was embracing one of their own, Connecticut along with other surrounding states in the New England area gravitated towards Max B, which in turn propelled him to the top of the Rap Game in the East Coast. Realizing that he didn't need Jim Jones or his Label "Bird Gang" anymore, he started his own team "Gain Greene" and made Messiah the Supplier a member. He convinced Messiah that his name was too controversial and that he should change his name to Hollywood Fergie so that he could attract more female clientele to his music. Max felt that the female clientele was more important than the men's because the men would follow the females to the club. At first Messiah disagreed but after testing the name on the market with the ladies, he was convinced. For the next year Max B and Hollywood Fergie would tour the whole East Coast together. When they weren't touring they were at the studio making music with production from Dame Grease. 70% of the shows were set up by Hollywood Fergie who played the role of Manager/ Road Manager and Hype Man to Max B. In 2008, the two hooked up with French Montana who had the most popular street dvd out at the time, Cocaine City. French wanted to combine his Cocaine City Movement with Max B and Hollywood Fergie's Wave Movement and call it "Coke Wave". Max agreed, believing it would give him the exposure that he needed in the Street dvd circuit. He was right. The Coke Wave dvd became one the biggest rap dvds out, and helped to blow up every artist involved. The main artist the Coke Wave dvd focused on were Hollywood Fergie, Max B, French Montana and producer Dame Grease.

By 2009, Hollywood Fergie a.k.a Messiah was riding high. He had a millionaire as a silent investor, a Multi-Platinum producer making his beats, and was sandwiched in between two of the hottest upcoming rappers out of New York, Max B and French Montana. A big Record Deal was sure to be what was next to come. The only problem was his right hand man Max B was set to start trial. In June 2009, Max B blew trial and in Sept. 2009 was sentenced to 75 years. The next month Oct. 2009, Hollywood Fergie was shot 6 times in a botched robbery attempt coming out of a jewelry store in his Hometown of Hartford, CT. The following month in Nov.2009, Hollywood Fergie's Manager/Investor Michael Goldberg, was indicted by the F.B.I for running the biggest Ponzi scheme in Connecticut History. While all this was going on, Hollywood Fergie was being investigated by the F.B.I for Human Trafficking and didn't even know it.

With 6 shots in him, his right hand man Max B doing 75 years and his Investor indicted by the Feds, Hollywood Fergie kept going hard. French Montana, realizing Hollywood's worth, hugged him tight and used Fergie to take over New England. The same way New England rewarded Max B for embracing one of their own, they rewarded French Montana and soon enough French became the biggest upcoming rapper out of New York. Then tragedy struck Hollywood once again in 2010. The F.B.I couldn’t prove Hollywood Fergie was Human Trafficking, so they dismissed the case but the State of Connecticut picked it up and turned it into a Sexual Assault Case. The allegations were that Hollywood Fergie had sexual relations with an underage female who had initially went to the F.B.I alleging that Hollywood Fergie was a Pimp and had been prostituting her. She claimed that she lied to Fergie about her age in order to get around him. She eventually recanted her statements to the F.B.I so they dismissed the case, but when threatened with jail time, she stuck to the story that she and Hollywood Fergie had consensual sex when she was 15. The State of Ct. charged Hollywood Fergie with 2nd degree Sexual Assault in two different towns, Hartford, Ct. and East Hartford, Ct. From 2010-2012, Hollywood Fergie maintained to keep going hard, touring Club to Club with French Montana maintaining his innocence while at the same time in court fighting to stay free. In Dec.2011, Hollywood Fergie was giving the choice to either cop out to 15 months or go to trial and face 20 years if found guilty by a Jury. Having just gone through trial in 2009 with Max B and watching him blow trial and get sentenced to 75 years, going through his Manager Michael Goldberg's downfall and watching him get sentenced to 10 years, Hollywood Fergie chose to take the 15 months and run with it. Feb.8th 2012, the State of CT. sentenced Hollywood Fergie to 15 months. While incarcerated, Hollywood Fergie witnessed French Montana blow up with Puff Daddy and Rick Ross. He also noticed that French stop promoting "Coke Wave" and started promoting "Coke Boys" and had a whole new team of unfamiliar faces around him. With Max B and Hollywood Fergie in prison, it seemed as if the Wave was over. Hollywood Fergie served 13 months out of the 15 month sentenced and was released early on March 4th 2013 due to "Good Time". While incarcerated, he dreamed of taking his talents and abilities of creating a Wave over to G-Unit and was upset to hear his one-time partner in rhyme, French, starting a beef with 50 Cent. Before Hollywood's incarceration, he was in the process of closing a book deal with G-Unit for his right hand man Max B's autobiography entitled "The Wavy Baby". Fresh out, Hollywood Fergie is currently back in talks with G-Unit with the hopes of signing a deal and making G-Unit a permanent home. With so much ground work already laid and the whole New England on his back, a co-sign from G-Unit would put Hollywood Ferg back on top and G-Unit back in the mouths of every rap fan in New England and beyond... the only question remains is how would the fans react to Hollywood Fergie running with 50?... the controversy alone is priceless.

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