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Hailing from Jersey City, LieFocals has been making a name for himself in the hip hop scene from the young age of 14. Born in Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn, Lionel Peterson aka LieFocals was surrounded by iconic hip hop veterans such as members of the Wu-Tang Clan and Killarmy and driving off of that inspiration, it soon birthed a young lyricist hungry to follow the same blueprint his influences mapped out. Having appeared on various mixtapes including coast to coast volumes, LieFocals has most recently focused on evolving as an artist. Some of his prior accomplishments include a featured track on DJ Nel-E-Nel’s “Go Hard or Go Home” mixtape with headline artists such as Swizz Beatz and J-Roc. Lie Focals also did a track for Snoop Dogg’s “Snoop Youth Football League” compilation, which became a theme song for Snoop Dogg’s California Cowboys junior-league football team. The track which was titled “Hit Em”, was produced by Jinx Da Fiddler of Blackwall Street, and was peformed by Lie Focals in Carson, California at the 2008 Snoop Bowl. In addition, he has been featured through several mixtape moguls including DJ Lazy K, DJ Kurupt, DJ Diggs, DJ Walley Katt, DJ Rated R, DJ Cloud 9, and DJ SilentNight. He has also done tracks with Dom Pachino of Killarmy, and all members of the rap group formerly known as “The Money Gang”.

As the debut single opening the year 2012, LieFocals has released his video for “Power”, which brings out his unparalleled energy and diverse lyrics. The track was produced by Kajmir Royal, and the visual production of the video was done by Itchy House Films. As LieFocals describes the track, “The lyrics in this joint are very direct and straight to the point, depicting how todays music has power over the masses, and how “programming” can really control how we listen to music”. His most recent MIXTAPE released in April 2012 as a “Hard copy only” project, is “Pardon My Back” hosted by DJ Nel-E-Nel. LieFocals biggest and most recent “Accomplishment” of 2013 was the birth of his own label “TRUESTAR MUSIC GROUP” which launched in the 1st quarter of 2013 where we will be seeing his music released under from now on. This first Official single to be released under TRUESTAR MUSIC GROUP is entitled “New Sneakers” which is available for purchase now.

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