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Jabez Wolfe stage name Bez and or Bezells born Long Island, NY grew up fatherless and homeless moved from shelter to shelter where he would unknowingly find his love and passion for rap. With nothing to do and nowhere to go Bezells needed a way to pass time with his older brother (Producer Dizzy Dee) and found it was most exciting and useful to freestyle. Wearing hand me down clothes provided by the shelter made Bezells an easy target for jokes in his educational life as a kid, which these jokes soon led to a battle rap. After winning his first ever battle rap and gaining respect from his peers his love for hip hop grew unceasingly.

As time went on Bezells kept with battle rapping to maintain his respect as one of the best artist amongst his peers. After being kicked out of school with nothing else to prove Bezells knew he needed to make money and establish his in the music world not just local battle rap. 3 months outside of school Bezells found his self well connected with Mrs. Sharon Wingate also known as Harlem NY rapper Max B's mother which then introduced Bezells and Max B to each other. As the Bond between Bezells and Max B grew closer Max begin to tell Bezells about the industry the do's and donts and most importantly to just be his self. After years of perfecting the art of freestyling, getting advice from a living legend Bezells took his knowledge and skill to the booth and developed the "Sauced Down" movement.

The ground foundation of this movement roots back to the shelters and unfortunate childhood where alcohol became a way to cope with the past but not only that it also came with pleasures of the future. Now known for his Sauced Down/Saucey sound Bezells is well established across Long Island throughout the boroughs of NY, Canada, South America and overseas in the United Kingdom where he has members of his small team Street Dreams Music spreading the word. From poverty hungry nights, to being the best opening act at every event Bezells brings a new sound from club bangas, radio hits and essence of the struggle to the table, Bezells is a breath of fresh air NY has been missing.

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